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The Police are Busy

The Police have a tough job so don’t make it any harder for them: When they ask if they can search your trunk be polite and firmly say “No. I do not consent to any searches of any kind.” This will save them time thinking you might waive your Constitutional Rights.

If the nice police man stops you, make sure your hands are in sight, on the wheel maybe. When Police ask you to confess by saying “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Respond firmly and politely by saying, “Why did you pull me over?”

If the policeman asks, “How are you?” Respond firmly and politely, “How are You?”

“Are you in a hurry?” Politely and firmly ask, “Would you like to see my license and insurance?”

If the policeman asks to see your license and insurance, hand it to them and say “Here is my license and insurance.”

The police have a tough job. Don’t make it any harder by taking up their time talking.

Get it?

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